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Post  Pinpoint on Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:47 am

I would like to be upfront and say I have only played for one day and therefore need more experience before I submit an application for In-Game Moderator. However, My abilities as a Forum Staff Member may serve the community well:


What is your ingame username? Pin

What position are you applying for? Forum Moderator

Have you ever had previous staff experience? (Please don't bullshit)
Planetscape/Solace Legacy Forum Administrator. Indrascape Forum Moderator/Admin/Admin++. Also have had IG Mod-Admin in both servers mentioned.

Why do you think you deserve staff?
This question is unique, I don't feel that anyone can really "deserve" something unless you have proven yourself or have something to contribute. I still have all of my old Rules/TOS/Helpful Outlines from my past server (shutdown so it's okay to use) that I would like to contribute. I love forums (almost more then in-game), and would be a dedicated member, happy to help when available.

As a staff member, how many hours per week could you play?
Since I work a full-time job and have to balance in a Fiance as well, I would say at best/ 30-40 hours a week, but not less then 20.

What would you bring to the server that is unique, or special? I have experience and consider myself to be a no-drama individual. I can get along with anybody as long as they return my respect. Being a Forum/IG Moderator isn't about having power of the other players, it's about making sure that the gameplay of others is consistent and smooth. I look forward to both meeting you and proving myself to you all. Good day! :)

Have people post their vouches below...

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