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Post  dark on Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:00 pm

Staff Application:

What is your ingame username?

What position are you applying for?
-forum mod

Have you ever had previous staff experience? (Please don't bullshit)
-yes ive been mod ingame for 2 servers would be new to forum mod though

Why do you think you deserve staff?
-I am super active on forums like i mean i'm on this 24/7 trying to help outhers

-I will follow the rules .

As a staff member, how many hours per week could you play?
-don't need to ask il be on when i have nothing else to do so a good 4-5 hours a day or more

What would you bring to the server that is unique, or special?
- I will bring in some fun i am a guy u can speak to ask me anything and will help u out as much as i can

About Myself :
I am a 17 male loves smoking blunts talking to my bitches chilling with my boys on skype and having a great time with the community. I am a loyal person so don't ever think that i will back stab anyone for pixels not today not ever Smile.
Once voting goes up i will be doing it every single day i can.

Have people post their vouches below...


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Post  Boxur on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:25 pm

Support this mother loving negro. Seriously, I've seen him in action on forum sites and he's amazing.

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